Tournament News

Working on 2021 Pool

As the time nears for Selection Sunday, I will be working on preparing for the pool.

Top Players in Current Standings
Place Name Last, First Total
Final Picked
32 16 8 4 2
Tournament Rules

Tournament Entry is $10. This year all payments should come directly to Spencer. I appreciate all the years that Joe has helped collect for me but there are now many ways to get money to me that I don't want to use an intermediary. Also all payments must be made prior to the start of games!!! I have spent too much of the pool trying to collect all of the entry fees. Again, there are so many ways to send money now that there is no excuse to not be paid before the games start.

You have any number of ways to pay me:

  • Venmo (PREFERRED) - My username is @Boilers2000 and you can send it that way.
  • Cash App (PREFERRED) - My username is $Boilers2000 for sending through Cash App.
  • Cash - If you live near me, you can pay me in cash.
  • Credit Card - To pay using credit card, use Square Market. Credit card purchases will include a $0.65 surcharge per entry and that is built in. This fee goes directly toward processing the card transaction.
  • Pay Pal - I will accept Pay Pal, please use tourney - at - for the account.
  • Other - If prior arrangements are made, you can inquire about other options. Whether that be check or directly from your bank, etc. The main thing will be making those arrangments in advance and not after the games have started.

PLEASE DO NOT MENTION BRACKET, NCAA, TOURNAMENT, POOL, ETC. in any comments for your payment.

In all cases, if there are any transfer fees, make sure you set it up so that you are responsible for them. I have only included a fee with the credit card purchase.

Multiple entries are also perfectly allowed. Please use the following format for entries:

  • Lastname, Firstname (1)
  • Lastname, Firstname (2)
  • ...
Scoring is as follows:

Round points x Seed

Round points are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. This keeps the pool very interesting and rewards correct upset picks.

Tournament Prizes
Payouts will be available once all payments are received.