Tournament News

Connecticut is your 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Champion!!!

Congratulations to Connecticut, first back to back champions since Florida in 2006-2007. Purdue was great all year, but Connecticut was able to take away any ability to attempt outside shots, and that was the game. I will reach out individually to arrange payment preferences for both the main and the 2nd Chance pools. Thank you all for another great year. I look forward greatly to next year already.

2nd Chance

Thank you all who entered into the 2nd chance, we had about 2/3 of our players enter in for a chance to remake their bracket. Good luck to everyone in both parts of the pool.

Bookmark and Email

I've received a spattering of reports of my emails getting put into the spam of some users. I'll work on what I can to avoid this, but I recommend bookmarking this site as it hasn't changed in all the years I've run the pool and if it does, I'll make sure it redirects. Also, to be safe, please add tourney - at - as a white listed email if you choose.

Site Feedback

As always, I welcome any feedback about the site... things you like, things you would like to see different, possible feature changes. I want this to be a fun experience for everyone regardless of how we all do in the pool itself.

Top Players in Current Standings

Place Name Last, First Earned Points Possible Points Predicted Champ Pick Pct. Correct Picks / Round Picked Champ
32 16 8 4 2
1 Vecchi, Joey 357 357 Connecticut  Connecticut 59% 22 8 3 2 1 YES!
2 Proctor, Bruce (1) 347 347 North Carolina  North Carolina 60% 20 12 4 2 0 NO
3 Proctor, Bruce (3) 347 347 NC State  NC State 59% 17 11 5 3 1 NO
4 Vecchi, Joe 333 333 Creighton  Creighton 62% 23 11 4 1 0 NO
5 Hanner, Mike (2) 323 323 Alabama  Alabama 65% 25 11 4 1 0 NO
6 Norman, Bridgette (5) 318 318 Tennessee  Tennessee 54% 19 9 3 2 1 NO
7 Boari, Zach (2) 314 314 NC State  NC State 54% 18 9 3 3 1 NO
8 Cagle, Andy 305 305 North Carolina  North Carolina 52% 18 8 4 3 0 NO
9 Hanner, Mike (1) 298 298 Arizona  Arizona 44% 20 6 1 1 0 NO
10 Lahti, Denyse 297 297 Connecticut  Connecticut 65% 25 11 2 1 1 YES!

Tournament Rules

Tournament Entry is $20. Yes, this is an increase as announced it would be. Most pools have gone to this amount and I've been slow to increase the rate. All payments should come directly to Spencer. All payments must be made prior to the start of games!!! I have spent too much of the pool trying to collect all of the entry fees. Again, there are so many ways to send money now that there is no excuse to not be paid before the games start.

PLEASE DO NOT MENTION BRACKET, NCAA, TOURNAMENT, POOL, ETC. in any comments for your payment.

I have also removed the Credit Card option as that has become hardly used over the last few years. If that is your only way to pay, please reach out and we can still make arrangements.

You have any number of ways to pay me:

In all cases, if there are any transfer fees, make sure you set it up so that you are responsible for them.

Multiple entries are also perfectly allowed. Please use the following format for entries:

Scoring is as follows:

Round points x Seed

Round points are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. This keeps the pool very interesting and rewards correct upset picks.

Tournament Prizes

Main Pool 2nd Chance
PlaceAmount PlaceAmount
1st$1380 1st$590
2nd$850 2nd$365
3rd$525 3rd$225
4th$325 4th$140
5th$200 5th$85
6th$120 6th$50
7th$75 7th$30
8th$45 8th$20