Tournament News

Rebuilt for 2022

I have redesigned portions of the site and completely updated all of the back-end scripts to hopefully make the site run faster and be more visually pleasing. I have updated reporting throughout where most reports that I directly generated are sortable and even filterable on some fields. While 2022 is still far away, please enjoy prior year tournaments to explore. While I believe this is the final production, there could be times I continue to do some work. Thank you and welcome.

Tournament Rules

Tournament Entry is $10. This year all payments should come directly to Spencer. All payments must be made prior to the start of games!!! I have spent too much of the pool trying to collect all of the entry fees. Again, there are so many ways to send money now that there is no excuse to not be paid before the games start.

PLEASE DO NOT MENTION BRACKET, NCAA, TOURNAMENT, POOL, ETC. in any comments for your payment.

You have any number of ways to pay me:

In all cases, if there are any transfer fees, make sure you set it up so that you are responsible for them. I have only included a fee with the credit card purchase.

Multiple entries are also perfectly allowed. Please use the following format for entries:

Scoring is as follows:

Round points x Seed

Round points are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. This keeps the pool very interesting and rewards correct upset picks.

Tournament Prizes

Prizes will be posted after payments received and games have started.