Tournament News

Connecticut is your 2023 NCAA Men's Basketball Champion!!!

Congratulations to UConn and all of the winners in the pool this year. I am reaching out individually to arrange payment preferences. Thank you all for another great year. I look forward greatly to next year already.

2nd Chance Pool

I want to thank all of you who took the time to submit a bracket for the 2nd Chance Pool as we test out the feature. Feedback has been positive and the process has ended up being fairly straightforward so I fully plan to implement it next year. We had 95 out of 287 entries submit a bracket which is a great turnout for this attempt. Future years will require a password so that getting into the 2nd Chance is as you would expect with any other login. Also, as noted previously, independent of the 2nd Chance, next year entry rates will go up but one of the features from that will be payouts for this portion. All fees collected go straight into the prize fund so the more collected for entries next year also means bigger payouts.

Top Players in Current Standings

Place Name Last, First Earned Points Possible Points Predicted Champ Pick Pct. Correct Picks / Round Picked Champ
32 16 8 4 2
1 Grant, Iain 419 419 Connecticut  Connecticut 54% 20 8 3 1 1 YES!
2 Vecchi, Joey 417 417 Connecticut  Connecticut 60% 22 10 3 1 1 YES!
3 Crooks, Matthew (1) 409 409 Connecticut  Connecticut 57% 22 8 3 1 1 YES!
4 Sajdak, Nick (3) 401 401 Connecticut  Connecticut 59% 22 8 4 1 1 YES!
5 Tripp, Jonathan 398 398 Connecticut  Connecticut 54% 22 7 2 1 1 YES!
6 Dusseault, Dan (3) 397 397 Connecticut  Connecticut 52% 21 8 1 1 1 YES!
7 Vaillancourt, David (1) 396 396 Connecticut  Connecticut 54% 19 8 4 1 1 YES!
8 Andersen, Annika 391 391 San Diego St.  San Diego St. 63% 25 9 3 2 1 NO
9 Levin, Adam 380 380 Connecticut  Connecticut 43% 18 5 1 1 1 YES!
10 Battle, Darrell (6) 376 376 Connecticut  Connecticut 54% 20 9 2 1 1 YES!

Tournament Rules

Tournament Entry is $10. This year all payments should come directly to Spencer. All payments must be made prior to the start of games!!! I have spent too much of the pool trying to collect all of the entry fees. Again, there are so many ways to send money now that there is no excuse to not be paid before the games start.

PLEASE DO NOT MENTION BRACKET, NCAA, TOURNAMENT, POOL, ETC. in any comments for your payment.

You have any number of ways to pay me:

In all cases, if there are any transfer fees, make sure you set it up so that you are responsible for them. I have only included a fee with the credit card purchase.

Multiple entries are also perfectly allowed. Please use the following format for entries:

Scoring is as follows:

Round points x Seed

Round points are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. This keeps the pool very interesting and rewards correct upset picks.

Tournament Prizes

Remember, for this year, as we are testing out the 2nd Chance portion of the pool, all prizes still will be for the main pool only.